I’m autistic. By now, I would hope that most everyone reading this would take this statement as more or less automatic. “I hear you, bird,” I can already imagine some of you saying. “You’ve told us this.” I have, yes. What I haven’t told you is what that really means, at least for me. Which […]


Please, call me Orrery. I’m a peafowl. Not a hen; I have a train. Not a cock; I got rid of it. There’ll be art this time. You’ll see what I mean then. Changing fursonas after fifteen or so years is an awkward and surreal experience, especially with how wedded my old name was to […]

“New” “Year”

Today’s the last day of a week’s vacation, and I’ve spent the time away from the office in a comptemplative haze. You can take that however you want, and you’ll probably be right in at least some aspect, but much has come out of the mental downtime. I always come away from these extended retreats […]


For those of you who’ve been watching, I deleted my Patreon. I didn’t do it casually, or joyfully. I’m angry about it, really. I don’t like feeling like this was the best move I could’ve made, and if I’d felt like I could’ve made a better choice, I would have. It may have even been […]